Our Services

If you are unsure of exactly what you need or require you can always speak to one of our team who will be able to advise you and all are well trained and experienced.
Wooden deck with two chairs, one chair has a red blanket on it.
outdoor seating
All of our products are made from timber or stainless steel and are designed for modern “Alfresco” living. These products can also lend themselves to indoor living and add a certain sense of style to your property.
A table with four stools positioned in a symmetrical layout.
outdoor dining

Aliquantum’s outdoor dining are not only beautiful in their appearance they are also designed to be able to withstand the harsh Australian climate. The outdoor dining are all made from quality timber and come complete with polished stainless steel fittings.

A decorative vase with a plant inside on a table.
outdoor accessories

All of our outdoor accessories use a combination of timber and stainless steel to be aesthetically pleasing and perform well in the extreme climate.

A window-side table with three stools, offering a charming setting for meals or casual gatherings.
Indoor Furniture
Our internal furniture can be custom designed and custom fitted to meet all of your requirements and needs. This effectively means that you are unrestricted in anything that you may want and can be designed to meet your own personal budget.

At Aliquantum we produce a range of products that are designed for both internal and external use. All of our products are of a bespoke design bringing together the perfect combination of the coolness of polished stainless steel and the warmth of high quality hardwood. Every single piece of hardwood that we use comes from a supplier that uses sustainable methods of harvesting and any supplier who doesn’t use sustainable methods would never be considered by Aliquantum. 

We are confident that we offer the most comprehensive range of outdoor furniture in Perth and our sleek modern designs are certain to appeal to almost everyone and would be the perfect compliment for your home. Our products bridge the gap between outdoor and indoor living spaces and whilst they are aesthetically pleasing, they are also durable and more than capable of coping with the harsh local weather conditions.