Outdoor Dining

Aliquantum's Dining Tables: Designed for Every Australian Home

Aliquantum offers more than just dining tables; we provide a space for family and friends to gather. Our tables are crafted with care, balancing both design and functionality to enhance your dining experience.

Hailing from Western Australia, we’re proud of our roots. Our bar height tables are inspired by the easy-going Australian lifestyle, offering a comfortable spot for casual chats and relaxed meals. Paired with the right chairs, they’re designed for hours of comfortable sitting, letting the conversations flow naturally.

If you’re after a more classic look, our standard height tables are here for you. Whether you prefer bench seats or individual chairs, we’ve got options that fit seamlessly into any home setting.

Looking to elevate your dining space? Give us a call at 0408 085 586, drop us an email at sales@aliquantum.com.au, or check out our range online. Find the perfect table for your home with Aliquantum.


So Add A Touch of Style With An Aliquantum Setting.