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Aliquantum Stainless Steel Panels, Perth

Step into a world where your outdoor space comes to life with Aliquantum’s exquisite panels, crafted from the perfect blend of timber warmth and stainless steel resilience. Right here in Australia, we understand the need for outdoor solutions that aren’t just beautiful but also brave the elements. Our offerings aren’t just ‘high-end’; they’re a thoughtful balance of homey comfort and sleek durability, appealing at first sight and delightful to the touch. 

We at Aliquantum put our hearts into our craftsmanship, believing that every side of our panels should be the ‘good’ side. We’ve ditched the old one-sided beauty approach because we know you deserve to enjoy elegance from every viewpoint.

Our top-notch designs feature laser-cut stainless steel that neatly nestles the wooden slats, doing away with the need for any unsightly screws that clutter the look. This design not only lets the wood adapt naturally to seasonal changes but also ensures your panels stay with you longer. With our unique assembly approach, you get a stunning view, whether you’re inside looking out or strolling by.

Aliquantum uses quality timbers including Jarrah, Kwila (Merbau), Vitex, and Cedar for the slats and housing posts, while the frames can be fabricated from timber or a range of stainless steel profiles including round tube (32mm, 38mm, or 50mm), square tube (38mm or 50mm), or RHS (25mm x 50mm or 10 x 50mm).

Our products can be used for:

If you would like more information about our range of products, please call us on 0408 085 586, email sales@aliquantum.com.au or click here.

So Add A Touch of Style With An Aliquantum Setting.