Craftsmanship Meets Sustainability: Furniture That Tells a Story

by Aliquantum

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Aliquantum is a leading West Australian indoor and outdoor furniture
maker in Perth

All the products that are we offer are fabricated here in Perth using locally sourced sustainable timber and stainless steel.

Innovative Designs

Here at Aliquantum, we offer a fantastic range of premium quality alfresco furniture and exquisite indoor furnishings. Our products are bespoke and rate among the finest available in Western Australia. They are primarily designed to work in that space between the outdoor entertainment area and your living room. Good enough to be used indoor, but designed for use outdoors. Our outdoor furnishings will compliment any home and give you the perfect place to sit back, relax and appreciate your surroundings.
Wooden tray on table with window in background.
A decorative vase with a plant inside on a table.

Lifetime Warranty

Quality is a hallmark of an Aliquantum setting. Our outdoor furniture is designed with Australia’s harsh weather conditions in mind and our construction processes, material selection and designs are all well considered given the unforgiving nature of our weather. So much so, Aliquantum offers a lifetime warranty on all our work.

Environmentally Responsible

We work primarily with responsibly harvested hardwood timbers such as jarrah but also use a significant amount of jarrah which has been recycled from other projects. We combine theses timbers with elements of stainless steel. The combination of the warmth of the hardwood and the coolness of the stainless steel prove to be a perfect blend that is both tactile and durable. We believe that the coming together of the polished stainless steel components and the finely finished timber evokes an emotional response that we want our clients to appreciate. We believe that Aliquantum produced the finest selection of outdoor furnishings in Perth.

A simple wooden shelf with an extra shelf on top for display.