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Aliquantum Stainless Steel Screens, Perth

All of our screens use a combination of timber and stainless steel to be aesthetically pleasing and perform well in the extreme Australian climate. All of our products would certainly be classed as ‘high-end’ and like all of our other products we combine the warmth of wood with the coolness of stainless steel to bring the perfect solution to outdoor screen needs.
At Aliquantum we take pride in our workmanship and therefore feel that our screens should look good from every angle. In the past the tradition had always been to have the ‘good’ side facing outwards and ‘bad’ side facing inwards. We have broken this tradition as we understand that our clients have purchased an expensive, quality screening product and should therefore not be looking at the ‘rough side’.  
Our superior designs use laser cut stainless steel profiles to house the slats therefore eliminating the need for unsightly fasteners that sit on the face of the screen. As this method allows the timber to move with the seasons it also results in a longer lasting product. Our assembly system ensures that the screens look just as good on either side so can feel assured that you will appreciate the same views as neighbours or passers by.

Aliquantum uses quality timbers including Jarrah, Kwila (Merbau), Vitex, and Cedar for the slats and housing posts, while the frames can be fabricated from timber or a range of stainless steel profiles including round tube (32mm, 38mm or 50mm), square tube (38mm or 50mm) or RHS ( 25mm x 50mm or 10 x 50mm).

Our screens can be used for :

  • Privacy Screens
  • Spa Screens
  • Feature Screens
  • Infill Screens
  • Garden Fencing
  • Fence Toppers
  • Garden and Driveway Gates
  • Reception Areas
  • Function Screens
  • Office Dividers
If you would like more information about our range of products you could visit our showroom that displays outdoor furnishings in Wembley, Western Australia, call us on 0408 085 586, email or contact us.
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