Affordable Stainless Steel

Are stainless steel outdoor settings affordable? The answer is undoubtedly yes. A couple of decades ago stainless steel was considered an exotic metal with a price tag to match. It was priced around 10 times that of mild steel so the advantages of using it were lost early in any comparison between the two.
However, over the past 20 years, stainless steel has become more readily available with new mills cropping up all over Asia and Europe. The huge volume of stainless now consumed in our daily lives means that the price differential is now negligible. In fact, many fabricators now consider that mild steel is more expensive to process than stainless because of the additional treatment mild steel requires to make it stable in the external environment.

With stainless steel now available at prices more affordable than ever before, potential buyers will be pleasantly surprised at the affordability of our stylish stainless steel furnishings. At Aliquantum, we specialise in blending this long lived and robust material with responsibly sourced hardwood timbers to present to our customers a range of elegant alfresco furniture that is surprisingly affordable.

 Build Quality

Built-in redundancy in consumer products is a concept that is used by many fabricators to bring an early end to their products lifespan so customers are forced to purchase new gear earlier than one might have anticipated or wanted. The outdoor furniture industry is no different. There is a mountain of low priced alfresco furnishings on sale every week at prices that are astonishingly low. The only problem with these products is that they fall apart in a very short space of time and customers are forced to replace the products in time spans as short as 2 years.
At Aliquantum, “built-in redundancy” is a practise we deplore. All our outdoor products are designed to last a lifetime with only a modicum of care and maintenance. The way we put our products together respects the materials used and this extends the longevity of the products. Our warranty reflects this ethos; we happily warrant our furniture for a lifetime, provided the furnishings have been regularly and properly maintained.

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